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14th May 2007

7:48pm: Much as it is fun to be in California, leaving and coming home to Vancouver is even better.  It was nice to have Jovo come down for a visit.  I've missed just talking to him and hanging out, which is all we did.

I got to come home and see a few of the Canucks games.  Definitely good to see the boys, and old friends.  I'm working on getting the house open and cleaned up after so long of being closed up and then.... I don't know.  I feel much better and want to get out and do things.

I just have to find... things to... do *laughs*

I have also decided that I'm moving on.  I'm better than wallowing in all of... what happened.  I'm good and young, and people will have live with what they've done and what they've said.  Me, I'm all about the fun and good times.

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22nd April 2007

9:18pm: Yeah it's my birthday.

Spent three days drinking with Jovo and now we're going to Vancouver to see the guys and catch game seven.

In the clarity of a few mojitos, I realise that things are okay, they will be good. I was upset but I am by far not a whiner or some lovestruck puppy.

I'm young. I have lots of friends and their will be dancing.

Okay I'm not sure my knee would like the dancing. But fun will be had, that's for sure.

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18th April 2007

10:31pm: Funny how things can change just like that. Or I should say people. Whatever.

Apparently I'm single again now, after five years. Big news to me but what can you do right. Kind of hard to fight for something that's most important to you and up until a month ago was just as important to him too when THEY would rather take the easy way out.

*shrugs* Whatever I guess. I would be upset but it's not like it would make a difference.

I will probably head to Vancouver in a few days. That place is still home to me, so if anyone wants to catch up and visit, drop me a line.

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7th April 2007

4:50pm: Maybe it was the distance. I hope it was because thinking the alternative just isn't right. Isn't how I want to remember.

I wish this was longer but If I go on, I might start saying too much.

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18th February 2007

1:55pm: I think the worst thing about rehab (again) is not being able to travel so easily. I am trying to convince them at my 8 week checkup that Vancouver would be a much better place to continue getting my hip strong again.

That is a good idea non.

It just would have been really nice to celebrate Trevor's game winning goal. And there are a lot of other things to celebrate, like Fridays and sunsets and well stuff *laughs*

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10th January 2007

9:53pm: Holidays were good. I spent with Trevor and that was the best present I could have. Plus he's going to rule the world, did you hear? It will be great.

I missed just having him around all the time, just hanging out, relaxing, whatever. It was probably the best part of the few days we had off.

Now is the new year. I am battling hard and trying to do well with the team. We have turned things around a bit and are playing better as a team. I hope this continues AND that I am part of this. *knock on wood* for continued good health and success.

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22nd October 2006

10:07pm: I am finding LA more and more a strange city but the team is very good. It's nice playing for Crow again and the guys on the team are pretty nice.

What I don't like is cellphone that won't connect, or break, or whatever on either end and prevent me from talking to Vancouver. A very specific person in a very specific place. This does not make a happy Dany non.

But it is fixed and we talk, it is good, but was frustrating.

It is crazy that it is so warm now. I get so used to sweaters and jackets and I am in khakis and tshirts. It is something else new to get used to.

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20th August 2006

2:30pm: Well I'm practically moved into the new place, it's nice; small but with a nice view of things too. Trevor came down here to help me find a place and just be able to spend time together too. That is as always very very good.

I did get a chance to get back up to Vancouver just in time for Mo's birthday. That was a lot of fun, good to see the guys and kick back and have some fun, especially with the BIG surprise, which was great for all too.

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21st July 2006

7:02am: So it is LA. Part of me is glad that I will get a chance to play, prove that I am still good goalie and part of me is glad that is still on the west coast and is not far from Vancouver.

I was struck funny at the thought that I will have now played the four corners of the US, kinda of: New York, Tampa Bay, Vancouver and now LA.

Ah but I shall miss Trevor, just knowing I could look up and he'd be there, always the rock. I will miss all my friends here but will be up as much as I can. Perhaps this will be good thing in the end. I will be frequent flyer now non? *G*

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4th June 2006

9:13pm: Here it is the summer, and things are going so well. Got to spend the birthday home with Trevor but thankfully, no horseback riding. My therapist wouldn't allow it, yeah that's it *laughs*

But I'm getting stronger and seeing more and more flexibility and just feeling more like my own self too. Plus I get to spend a lot more time outside and we've been having really great weather lately. It's been nice.

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7th May 2006

9:28pm: Despite not playing for so long, the end of the season is still hard. It's been a few weeks and it's still that way. We got the lockers emptied out and most people vacanted fairly quickly. I don't want to be pessimistic but it really could be saying goodbye for the last time to people I might not every play with again.

And saying goodbye to Crow was really difficult. He is a good couch, despite everything that happened, and I know I'm not the only one who will miss him a lot either.

Once we kind of settle things here, I think Trevor and I might go on vacation, maybe make use of his Christmas present or something. A little time away from town might be good... and warm...

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12th April 2006

7:10am: This is what happens when I get too caught up in the act of celebrating but...

Happy Birthday to mon amour. I do not get... gushy to often but this is a special occasion. Je t'aime Trevor. I can not imagine days without you.

Vous voulez dire le monde à moi et je t'aime tellement.
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26th March 2006

1:24pm: I finally got on skates and onto a rink. Didn't skate long but it felt good to be out there. The knee feels good too. Still a bit sore and aches but that is to be expected non? I toy with the idea of being back during playoffs but Alex and Mika are doing a good job and I don't want to rush back just to play and hurt more.

Time as they say will tell. Jovo, Sami, and I are presently trying not to collect dust while we wait :)

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27th February 2006

10:36pm: I'm glad for the break to be over. It was nice spending time with Trevor though. I'll never argue with that. But it will be nice to see all the rest of the guys too.

My knee feels much better now. I'm working the trendmill almost 15 straight minutes before I have to stop, apparently that's really very good. Soon I will be able to walk the dogs properly. I kind of miss that.

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1st February 2006

5:43pm: Rehab continues to go well. Much as I want them playing, having Eddie, Cookie and Richard around has been nice. We're all doing different things, but we manage to be there at the same time and it helps to have others around.

We all agree that we hate the road trips because we're all by ourselves here and some of us are greatly missing other people. And even though it's short, thank goodness for a homestand. I can get around pretty well now. Perhaps I'll make dinner for oh... I don't know, someone might come to mind. *laughs*

Oh and Tyler Bouck? You are my hero after last nights game *grin*

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10th January 2006

11:39pm: Rehab is going as well as can be expected. It's hard and it hurts some days so bad that I'm not sure I can go on, but I will. I won't let this get me down.

The boys are doing pretty good, which is good to see. And Alex is doing an awesome job. I always knew you had this kind of game in you Auldy.

I wanted to make sure to thank all of you guys for the cards and well wishing messages. It's meant a lot in the past few weeks. And thanks to Trev for putting up with a terribly cranky goalie boyfriend too.

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25th December 2005

3:21am: I want to so much to find the good in things this time of year but part of me just wants to be selfish and grumpy and petty about other things too. I just want to lie on the couch (propping my leg up of course) and not see anyone or do anything.

It is a terrible way to think especially now but I can not help it. I guess it could have been worse, I keep telling myself that. Trevor's been great too. I'm surprised I have not sent him flying out of here and away.

Now I will just try and work on getting stronger and better. Do not count me out just yet.

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21st November 2005

11:56pm: Memo:
Stay out of MY blue ice.
That is all.

Also, how 'bout that Trevor Linden and his very pretty penalty shot, hmm?

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24th October 2005

1:13am: That was a better game than I thought it would be. I know we wanted it to just a game, and for the most part it was. But I have to admit, I was nervous when that first period started. I'm glad to see that I was pretty much wrong. It was a nailbiter there for a while. I don't know what happened, but I'm glad I could get the focus back enough til the end of the game.

And I know it has been mentioned before, non? But Alex? Nolan? *grins* That is all *laughs*

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16th October 2005

11:36pm: Well at least somethings never change and that is the fans of Vancouver. Love them, hate them, they do love the team.

And someone has put up a scoreboard that is basically Cloutier vs the Fans. Cloutier is up in points at the moment but we shall see *laughs*

Auldy had a great game tonight and it was fun to see and observe the game, but I don't want to do that for a lot of games *grins*

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25th September 2005

4:49pm: God I'm sick.

Who the hell got me sick... I'll kill you.

When I can actually stand up with any strength....

Mon Dieu....

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7th August 2005

11:50am: Finally it will be good to be playing again. We haven't even started and I'm getting ripped apart in the media. Well it wouldn't be the same thing around here if that wasn't the case, oui?

It has been nice to have Trevor back for more than a day or two. I can say that I've missed t hat the most, having him around, seeing him everyday. What can I say? It's a face that is good to start and end the day with.

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5th June 2005

5:59pm: They're meeting a lot and for so long, and that's a good thing, but that also means Trev's away and gone for longer too. And after the meetings, he so tired, it's hard to talk to him.

I had thought about going east, going over there and just being there for him, plus it's close, I could see ma mere and Sylvain is home too.

I'm trying to stay positive, and stay busy in town. The dogs keep me busy enough and the beach is always nice this time of year too and they love walking down there.
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22nd April 2005

12:35am: Seeing as it is the 22nd, I reserve the right to wish for one thing. Just one, that's all I want.

I do not think it is very hard to figure out what it is. It does not even have to have a bow. I just want it here with me.

J'adore mon coeur.
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11th April 2005

11:50pm: Still fighting jetlag but I wanted to wish my favourite captain, the person I love, a very happy birthday.

You just wait, I have something special for you.

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